April 28, 2008


So, on Saturday I finally got my cell phone charger in the mail so I am officially contact-able again. Whew. That was a tough week to not be able to call people.

Anyway, this weekend was really just that "break" I needed from life-having Em and Lyds in town for such a short amount of time meant that I pushed 'real life' aside and did things like stay up late, eat fondue, go see the Louvre Roman Art exhibit at Seattle Art Museum ( SAM), eat seafood, watch the last three episodes of Gilmore Girls, go over Lydia's PhD application essays, go to a Mariners baseball game....things like that.

It was good, because I definitely needed a break from the sadness. And while it came back in full swing last night when we had to tell our Sunday night Bible Study that we'll be leaving soon-and especially having to tell Mike and Katie ( our washington #1 couple) it was hard. But, I am putting my stubborn face on this week. I don't care how hard it is, I will NOT let this beat us. Talking to Brett yesterday made me realize just how easy it is to let something like this bring back all of our other past disappointments and then let them ALL kick us while we're down. ( i.e. the devil starts to win). And I will not let this happen for another week, not for me. And not for Brett. Its definitely difficult to see him so down. It makes me mad.

So, along with this mental battle we've also got a pretty crazy week ahead....I've got two parties to prepare for, one on Friday night ( which I just found out about last night) and then Amy's lingerie shower on Saturday ( woo woooo!), then we've got a Sunday expedition planned to see the Tulip Fields that are north of Seattle with Mike and Katie on Sunday, we're also getting to have dinner with the Author of The Insider, which is one of Mike and Katie's favorite books on ministry so I'm excited about that too...of course, the weekend is preceded by a weekend typical of the Army...looks like Brett will be having late nights on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Blah.
Of course, I'm trying to be money-saver wife this week so I suppose the fact that he's not going to be home for dinner two nights in a row should make me happy. HAHAHA. whatever.

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Anonymous said...

Luke will be gone at least Thursday so I feel ya.
Which makes me think: what is this business about always being out Thursday night?! It's like he TRIES to miss Bible study.