May 26, 2008

The big bang theory.

So, the four day weekend started out with silence. Utter silence. Very rarely am I left completely without words-usually I'm pretty quick when it comes to encouraging words ( and if that doesnt work I make inappropriate jokes) but when Brett came home with despair in his voice telling me that his platoon was being taken away from him as early as next week ( instead of what he had hoped for which was that he'd get to keep it until we actually left). I honestly had no words. Although, I'm pretty sure there arent words that can help sad moments like that. Just hugs.

Anyway, as I sit here watching Brett play the Wii...I think he's doing better...I think its hard for people to really understand just how much Brett loved(s) his men in his platoon....but I know that God has more people for him to affect, more people for him to meet and to be a part of their lives...its just hard right now.

Lucky we did have this long weekend, though. It came at just the right time. We had some nice weather which meant picnics and long walks and a visit to the drive-in theatre ( totally cool by the way....too bad its 9:45 before it even BEGINS to get dark in means to see any movie you have to stay up past the wilson bedtime.)...we also bought New Zealand Ginger Beer ( no alcohol in these!) and made Dark and Stormies ( but there is in these!)...I made a pie and we had Indian food with friends, Sushi with other friends and I gained another three pounds.... awesome( three real awesomes and one sarcastic one). We also took a trip to the Brett and Abigail place-of-happiness which is Half Price Books ( which was having its 20 % off everything Memorial Day sale..). I think it would have been possible for the two of us to have married people that DIDNT like books as much as we do, but its a DEFINITE plus!

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donnave said...

losing his platoon now must be difficult. it is like your children leaving home before you are ready (which means virtually every parent at some point). So, I can really empathize. Praying. And, I know that you are a real encouragement to Brett. Despite what you say.