May 21, 2008


So, I just got home...and I've flopped down here to check my email ( for the first time today!? SHOCKING!!!) because, lets face it, my legs are TIRED and my brain is TIRED and its been QUITE the day....

First of all, I broke up with my boss. Its so hard to break up with someone-even if it IS because of the Army, " Its not you...its not me...its the ARMY!" ...Anyway, I've been putting off telling my boss about Brett and I leaving because ( or at least I thought) I wanted to make sure we had some solid info to go on, and because I wanted to tell him to his face...but then, time passed and I never crossed paths with him, and Brett got his orders yesterday and so today I picked up the phone and called him...I talked fast...AlexIhatetotellyoubutBrettsbeensenttoKansaswe'releavinginJulyI'msosorrymaybeI'llcomeback....Anyway, it was awful. So awful, in fact, that at the end-when he was able to get a word in edgewise-he was like, "well you got that out of the way!" as if He could absolutely tell that I was NOT happy about telling him about leaving.
Because I'm not.
And it turns out I had put off telling my boss not for all those "practical" reasons but because, In the end, it made it very very real that this season of my life-the Barista at Lacoste-season is going to be over. Very sad. I really wanted to watch chick-flicks and eat brownie batter and ice-cream out of the container right afterwards...

Today, I went to the Air force base commissary....and now I'm totally kicking myself that I had not gone sooner! For one thing its waaaay closer ( and when gas hits 4 dollars like it did today...that's important) and for another thing-I havent done ANY research on this-but I think the AF pays a LOT more attention to its "dependents"....Their commissary had GIANT aisle, it had frozen ravioli, it had buttermilk and half and half ( for some reason they are always out at Army) it had an EVEN larger foreign foods section, it had a HUGE fresh sea foods section, and at the ( high traffic at the army commissary) time of 4:30 it was hardly full at fact, it was a DREAM. So, yeah, from now on I'm ALL OVER the air force. Oh, and I also went to their PX...and it was like being in a super wal-mart with less people in it and even cheaper prices ( oh, and no tax) was glorious.

... I just got a call from Brett and he's on the way I really SHOULD pull myself out of this sitting position and make dinner.....Chuck's coming over for dinner so I don't think leftovers are going to cut it tonight. ;-)


Anonymous said...

You are such a good little hostess. I hope that you get some rest soon.


Carina said...

??? Does the army have its own supermarket? What? This is weird. Our army doesn't even have tanks.

Paul James said...

The Air Force usually has nicer, well, everything. When we lived in Germany we would drive to Ramstein because they had a really nice BX (2 Floors!)

NZ has an Army? Are THEY allowed to have guns? ;-)