May 20, 2008

The Life and Times:

I havent written in a few days so I felt like you deserved an update ( I'm sure not knowing what's going on with me has just been KILLING you!)

Saturday ( which was the last day I wrote) turned out MUCH better than my morning blog post could have ever imagined: It was BEAUTIFUL outside, I baked a pie in the morning, had a picnic in the midafternoon with Brett ( he finally got back from work) and Mike and Katie, saw Prince Caspian in the late afternoon and went to Eric's going away party in the evening...all were made extra glorious by the fact that I was totally warm the whole time. :-)

Sunday there was church and a very long wait at a random Soul Food restaurant called Southern Kitchen in Tacoma-where I decided once and for all that my tummy doesnt like greasy food ( this includes anything from a fastfood chain other than Sonic, mexican food, and anything from a Breakfast place like IHOP or Dennys ) I mean, dont get me wrong I definitely eat these bad foods tummy will just be mad later.

Actually, my tummy is mad right now-although I have no idea why....I made A-MAZING greek chicken last night which I ate over fresh spinach and Brett ate over pasta...I WOULD think that the five hours that the chicken cooked wasnt enough...but Brett's tummy didnt meh. Who knows?! I'm probably just due for a new sickness....

But here's some exciting news that's not revolving around my health or lack thereof: An old friend of Brett and mine, Dustin Aguilar has published a children's book! "Harvard Heart of Gold" arrived yesterday in the mail and I've read the first two chapters which were totally delightful :-) It was also delightful that I was at work and the mail lady came in to deliver the mail and said, "Oh! I have a package for you too, should I just give it to you now?!"

There is something really nice about living in a community where your mail lady knows who you are and gives you packages even when you arent at home...

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Paul James said...

You got yours already? Those Darcy boys are just so gosh darn talented! Daniel graduated from UNT summa cum laude -- a perfect 4.0!

So when will I be blogging about buying YOUR book? ;-)