May 15, 2008

Positive things:

1. my new invented drink: The Snickerdoodle ( it basically tastes like the drink version of these cookies).

2. This website that gives you a breakdown in CHART FORM (!!) of all the nutrition facts you eat in a day!

3. Prince Caspian comes out in the theaters this weekend!!!

4. I am going to Seattle's Cheese Festival on Saturday.

5. Its suppose to be 84 degrees in Seattle on Saturday!

6. Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend and I want Brett to take me to this Drive-in Movie Theatre...

7. I've decided that Brett and I do not have to decide about our futures until May 31st ( that'll give me another few days with him after that-before he leaves for the field just in case there are things that HE has to do to make preparations ( whatever they are) and then it'll give me three weeks while he's gone to get things ready. I'm really glad I just made this deadline for myself because A) I like structure. B) It was stressing me out. C) Procrastination is my middle name.

8. We went and watched the Stroud kids play baseball and T-ball ( respectively) last was awesome and a great flashback to my own childhood of watching little league games ( minus the sweltering heat and sweat that Texas Little League has)

9. Brett and I watched ( Chuck was there too but he fell asleep almost immediately) Lady and the Tramp last night. ALWAYS a classic! ALWAYS.

10. Season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Awesome.

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