May 11, 2008

Ruby Slippers and other stuff...

Happy Mother's Day!! Today there were TONS of babies at church...mostly because there was a Baby dedication at the end of the service but also because our church has, like, a huge population of young couples with tons of babies....its basically like baby kingdom. I often sit in church and look at the babies in front of me ( looking at me over their parent/grandparent shoulder and I think, "Wow, arent they the cutest thing?!"

But then reality sets in and I remember why I am not having a child any time soon....for one thing I'd like to be pregnant during a time when I have a husband around to rub my feet and go get ice-cream whenever ( I'm sure he'd do this now...he's quite the fan of icecream) and not off trampsing around Afghanistan....among other reasons. ;-)

Anyway, I am however very happy that I know so many wonderful mothers who inspire me and encourage me on a daily basis...and I'm ALSO very happy to know many women who have given their lives in other ways other than motherhood-their encouragement, wisdom as well as courage has also inspired me. Basically, girl power all around :-)

In other news, its sunny today...and I'm hoping upon hope that the forecast for this coming Thursday that read High: 87...was NOT a misprint. ( whoa! How awesome and happy would that make life?!)

I'm also glad we got to spend some time with Chuck and Bethany this weekend, sometimes it just is too awful to think that life is going to change and not have these people around us all the time. But, I'm starting to see the importance of having a "spiritual heads up" when it comes to bad things....its definitely making me appreciate the calm before the storm all the more.

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you know what i think about the babies ...