May 10, 2008

12 hours ago....

Actually, more like 13... but at 6 am-ish I woke up with this horrible cramp in my side...and I was like, "Ow." and then I said, "Oh No." out loud. To which Brett said, "What's wrong?" ( In a fog of sleep) to which I replied...

"I think I have a kidney stone."

After that, Brett went back to sleep for like a whole minute while I laid there writhing in pain until I finally went ahead and admitted to myself that, yes, this really was happening again ( last count this was my fourth trip to the emergency room for a kidney stone) ...and so I woke Brett up again and told him that Kidney Stones required Emergency Room Time...( which he informed me just now he didnt quite understand...)

Which is how I spent most of the day drugged, half of the day on a gurney the other half in my bed...but I'm pretty sure the Kidney Stone is gone...which is the one "good" thing about those pesky stones is they can leave relatively quickly.

Anyway, it wasnt the best day ever. I missed a girlie breakfast with some friends....oh yeah, and the pain thing too.

BLAH! I have the worst luck.

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