May 02, 2008

Thanks George!

Dear Bush Administration,
I'd like to thank you for the United States failing economy, and your decision to boast said economy by putting $1,200 extra dollars into our bank account today. I can't tell you how exciting it is that I can pay off our car loan this summer all because of you ( yeah right) and therefore be totally debt free. I appreciate the fact that I can consider the idea of voting for president in November 2008 and then promptly leave the country and live like a vagabond ( option #47 on the "Live without Brett" list ) without any desire to "boast" the American economy while my husband is off doing a heck of a lot more for our nation than $1,200 could ever do. So thanks again.

Not Yours,

1 comment:

Paul James said...

ooooh, debt free. I'll be there some day :-)