June 24, 2008

you can't take it with you...

I'm starting to collect boxes and newspapers like a homeless person. And randomly bringing up in conversations that we'll be leaving Washington in three weeks ( for texas anyway...)-even when it doesnt fit the conversation at all. I take pride in turning the conversation back to me:

Person: I'd like a 12 oz Latte with three shots of espresso...
Me: Speaking of three...

I've started mentally inventorying random rooms in our house when I'm trying to fall asleep . And I've also stopped buying groceries ( unless you count: milk, fruit, veggies, chicken and cereal as groceries, which I dont) so that we'll be FORCED to eat the food we already have in the house.

Yes, its true, I may not have a place to live once we get to Kansas but I'm very very slowly starting to think about the fact that I'll be living there in two months.
Make that less than two months.
And the fact that I'll only be able to take stuff that can fit in one of our cars, which means...well...I maaaay have to do without a few bottles of half empty shampoo. *sigh*
I hate packing. I realize that I've started to turn into my father and all I want to do is throw everything remotely unused out.

In other news, I'm going to a dinner party this evening and I invited a girl who came to bible study for the first time last week, I just got off the phone with her and she said, "I'm bringing my appetite!"

I don't know, it just struck me as really cute, and she's pretty much my new favorite person.


Carina said...

That's all she had to say to bump me off the spot I have held for 5 years???? This is madness! MADNESS!

donnave said...

I love you much, Abigail!