June 09, 2008

rebel, no cause

I decided to wear the "thin" long-sleeved shirt today...afterall, just because its cold and pouring down rain doesnt negate the fact that it's freakin JUNE which is...SUMMER.
Yeah, that's right. I'm a rebel. A weather rebel.

Oh and the shirt just so happens to match my cutesy new cupcake earrings ( thanks amy!)..

In other news, I'm trying most desperately to get out of an FRG meeting for this evening. I mean, SURE it promises to be my last, but so did the meeting I went to last week...and let's be honest, the army has always been super good at lying to me. Anyway, this meeting I'm particularly dreading because its the one where I'm suppose to "hand over" my POC duties to the new Platoon Leader's wife. While this sounds awesome, I have to do said hand over with the FRG leader sitting there...and so everyone is bound to know once and for all that I do the BARE MINIMUM. This brings up something I'm suspected for a long time...that
A) I'm totally lazy.
B) I'd rather not people know about A).

I really need to grin and bare it. I mean, surely it will only last three or four hours ( that's JUST HOW LONG these things last. not. kidding.) and then I'll put the whole thing behind me. Learn my lesson and be a better army wife in Kansas. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

This may be a not so good question. But have you figured out where you ar going to live yet?


Carina said...

If they don't pay you they can't expect you to actually try.

And you can charm your way out of anything. Go make me proud!

Amy said...

yeah right after you dropped off the spice (the meal turned out great btw). Pitiful, I know.