June 08, 2008

Things that are good...

First of all, go see Kung Fu Panda. This movie is totally and completely fabulous. I laughed the whole time and then continued to laugh throughout the day when things would remind me of the movie...

Best quote: "Blinded by the light of his shear awesomeness."

Also good things: The early ( but needed right now) going away present from Amy= What Not to Wear on DVD PLUS What Not to Wear book ( make no mistake, we're talking the US version not the UK version...Stacey and Clinton are a million times better than the original)...oh, and cupcake earrings. That's right, earrings that are also cupcakes. Awesome.

I also just upped one of my "Jobs I would totally like to do" up to something I'd REALLY like to do...today I went and "consulted" with Amy about her wedding makeup, and it was SO MUCH FUN! Basically, at the army PX the Clinique counter is really relaxed ( actually all the make up counters are ) and the lady there let me take over her make up and I got to just GO WILD with Amy...it was such fun!!! And I've decided that being a make-up lady would be the best job-except after talking to said makeup lady I found out some important factors:
#1 Make up ladies at military posts are better than make up ladies at department stores BECAUSE they DONT work on commission.
#2 I'd totally have to start wearing make up.
#3 these jobs are highly sought after and are easily transferable ( which would be good).

So, now I'm praying that if God will let me be a make-up lady, that he'll open up a spot for me in Kansas...

*sigh* But, I'll try not to get my hopes up.

In other news, I must cut this post short because my feet are FREEZING ( FYI: who ever said washington summers were great, failed to mention that they arent summers at all...its SO COLD! BOOOOOO!)


donnave said...

Love you...and have fun, fun, fun this week!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on the movie. I LOVED it!!!