July 11, 2008

Abigail Reviews Herself:

I've officially packed 7 boxes....my house is a mess and I'm feeling like, yeah, maybe I don't have enough boxes...meeeeh!

Anyway, stopped to eat pretzels and peanut butter and drink diet coke ( because that's how I roll). And after checking my email this is what I was told:

Abigails Day at Blogged

I am, like number 500 and something on their list of ( thousands...but still) blogs. I am HURT!! Are you kidding?!
Here are their criteria ( who are they anyway?! )
Frequency of Updates, Relevance of Content, Site Design, and Writing Style.

OK, so Frequency of updates...I feel like I'm at least a 9 on that!
Relevance of Content....since the blog is called "Abigail's Day"...that pretty much means whatever Abigail writes is Abigail relevant that's a 10 for sure!
Site Design....ok....yeah....I pretty much just changed the colors on one of the blogger templates, but I'm not a template genius! I'm just a little ol' girl with no html skillz! And at least its easy to read, right?! riiiiight?? ( I give myself a 7 on this one. boo)
Writing Style.....mmm.....yeah, that's hard. I don't really use punctuation in the "tranditional" since, but I would say MOST of the time I make sense...eeeeh. I give myself an 8.

Now, lets see, let me pull out my old highschool mathbook and remember how to average numbers....


I just gave myself and 8.5

Well....I guess those people at blogged weren't too far of....

1 comment:

# 47 said...

although I very sadly have not visted here in eons, I too would rate you better than those blogger people did... Who *wouldn't* wanna come here and here about Abigail's day?!!

Glad to hear you're still rollin' along girl.