July 16, 2008

In sickness and in health

Happy Anniversary to Brett and I!! Today I can now say that we've been married over a year!

I have pretty much already listed off many of the ways in which I have been overwhelmed by how God has taken care of Brett and I during our first year of marriage- and if you missed it, go read my post here...

But, since it's been a few days since that was written-here are some of the things that have happened in the last few days to commemorate the end of our first year together...

-An entire day in the sun, listening to totally awesome music at the Subterranean Pop ( record label...) festival...the best of the day? Answer: totally The Fleet Foxes, obviously Iron and Wine...and DEFINITELY Flight of the Conchords ( although, I'd have to say I was disappointed that Flight of the Conchords didn't sell any shirts...boo!!!)

-Brett's final ( oh, wait...just kidding....he's got one more this week) "good bye, and good luck" party from his Company...he was super excited about his engraved battle club that the Cheyenne dog soldiers supposedly used. I was much less enthusiastic because all I could think was A) that's totally going to poke someone's eye out. and B) where/how am I going to pack that?! ( I have a pretty one track mind of late...)

-And our Anniversary trip to Canada:
So, the trip to Victoria ( which is on Vancouver Island) on the "Victoria Clipper" was a tiny piece of hell....pretty much everyone got sea sick...picturing the scene which included the staff going up and down the aisle handing out more sick baggies, and the sound of people throwing up was pretty much comedic ( after the fact)... Yeah. It was that bad. It was a far cry from the idealic "cruise" we'd imagined Luckily, we'd booked ourselves pretty much the most awesome hotel ever and therefore didn't feel so bad that we spent a good portion of the day recovering in bed. The other part of the day we walked all around Victoria trying to figure out what makes Canada so darn different from the USA...and finishing up the day eating awesome food at an ultra romantic italian restaurant ( incidentally, it seemed that after throwing up, Brett felt he had to eat his way through the rest of the day to make up for the "lack of food in his stomach"....this included a piece of cheese cake dipped in chocolate and stuck on a stick.....that's right, on a stick, why I hadn't thought of this genius idea sooner is beyond me..)...the next day we slept in, did our quiet time in a charming coffee shop and hopped on a bus to the Butchart Gardens , where we spent the rest of the day wandering around in beautiful gardens. My favorite quote from Brett: "So money can't buy you happiness, but it CAN buy you a rock quarry that you turn into a paradise with hundreds of gardeners and thousands of plants..."
Our return trip to Seattle was a lot less "eventful" -which was a blessing since we've got one week till we go to Texas and we've got a lot on our plate....

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Anonymous said...

...including visiting Amy at work. You should make an appearance. Today. People keep asking about you in various ways including "How is Abby," "Do you miss Abby?" and "Did that little girl who was here before get off OK?" -- Amy