July 29, 2008

sickly little girl.

So yesterday ( and the day before...and for pretty much a week) I went back and forth between burping ( ew! that's for boys!) and fighting off the need to throw up and so I was delighted when I woke up this morning with neither, unfortunately the feeling was soon replaced by a loverly headache that threated migrane potential-thus leaving me bedecked in a eyemask for MOST of the afternoon and evening...
luckily I can talk rather well with an eyemask on which is how I settled the all-important issue of a place to live in Kansas!

That's right friends God is faithful to provide! Yes,God is very very good, and I feel really good about the upcoming situation....sooo, looks like I'll be living with a fellow army-wife-husband-on-a-MiTT team named Christina. She is renting me her basement which includes a bedroom, bathroom, living room ( with cable! Abigail's gonna have TV! What out!) -with windows and a door to the outside and the use of her kitchen ( if necessary)...and on top of that I talked to her on the phone today and she sounds absolutely lovely. In fact, she's a high school teacher and already offered to help me set up getting a substituting job if I so desired. So yes, I think its going to work out.

Anyway, this is an incredible load off of my mind. And while the future is looking incredibly close and gloomy, I know that God is going to continue to help me through it.....whether I'll be getting through it with an eyemask on or not remains to be seen...


donnave said...

I love hearing how faithful our God is. Yay! God!!

Anonymous said...

Substituting....high school...Am I reading this correctly? Are you giving in to the "dark side," aka "teaching"?

But seriously, I'm so glad to hear that things are coming together for you.

I have much to tell you about my own job hunt....To spoil the surprise, apparently I will be teaching composition and British literature this year at SFA. Yes, literature! Finally!

-Amy K.