August 01, 2008

as for me...

This post is going to be disjointed so get ready...

I have had crazy dreams every SINGLE night I've been in texas. So has Brett. Last night I dreamed that Cindy gave Jack to me ( he's two) to keep me company while Brett was gone...and Brett dreamed that God teleported him.

I don't think we've hit upon prophetic dreams just yet.

You know who's loved me being in Texas more than anyone?! Mosquitos. That's right. And I've got the bug bites all up and down my legs to prove it. In some ways Washington is wonderful.

Yesterday I attended a sweet funeral of a dear family friend. Which brings me to the point that Texas "vacations" are not normal vacations in that you don't get to "forget everything and be carefree for days on end"...but, then again, I suppose we knew this when we decided to come here for three weeks....because in the end, striving to make our friends and family happy with our presence seemed more important than forgetting cares and worries for a certain "fake" amount of time....

I miss people. I miss people in Washington, I miss people in New Zealand. Its dreadful how many people I have to miss at any given moment! And yet, then again, its nice that I have so many people to miss. I'm blessed.

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