July 20, 2008

sleepless in seattle

How have I not used this title before?!
How horrible that I've lived here for a year ( and probably been sleepless more than once) and yet have not taken advantage of the great connection?! pitiful, just pitiful...

Anyway, I've been sleeping pretty much awfully ( awesome grammar, abigail!) for the past week or so, which probably adds to my grumpiness....but that's beside the point. The point is that its not surprising that I've been so sleep deprived since what better time to wonder about the minute details of ones life than at 2:30am?! That's right! It's the best time to think about all the things you didn't have time to ponder during the day ( or you were smart enough not to )....in fact, it was such the best time to wonder about all the details that I hadn't worried about yet that I almost woke Brett up so he could 'brainstorm' right along with me...( unfortunately, Brett was sleeping like the dead and even if I'd tried I don't think he was up for thinking about shower curtains and extra towels and where they should be packed at 2:30...not everyone is hardcore like me.)
Yet, I'd like to say as much of a grump as I've been the last week, it is obvious that I have low tolerance for packing, and that I can handle very little without cracking, let's take a look at the evidence:
Packing Day #1: horrible...
yet...it was followed by an all day concert outside of Seattle and then followed by Sunday and then followed by a two day trip to Victory ( that equals a FOUR DAY break from my ONE DAY packing!!!!)
Packing Days #2-4: really, really horrible ....
yet followed by yesterday when once again we got to do something really cool * more in a second*

And today I've only worked HALF the day because the other half is being taken up by church, bible study preparation and bible study.....and then I've only got tomorrow and then I've got THREE WEEKS in Texas!!!

So, as you can see....apparently, my life is not so bad after all, and yet it seems to take me only one cardboard box and many small items to put within, before I'm back in my mighty funk. Pitiful. Just Pitiful

* Back to why yesterday was cool*
Yesterday, Brett and I went to Snoqualmie Falls with Chuck and Bethany. For one thing this was good in itself because, Chuck and Bethany are two of our favorite people and definitely high up at the top of our list of "The Hardest People to Leave" and so getting to spend a day with just them was a very good thing...but then, go ahead an add the falls, which were totally amazing and fun, add in perfect weather, and car trip that included the following in no particular order: a bear sighting, watching an air show from up close, slurpies from 7 Eleven and good conversation, AS WELL AS a free lunch at a fancy, fancy restaurant ( you see, Anna and Ryan were amazingly thoughtful and gave Brett and I a gift certificate to the Salish Lodge for our anniversary, and we used it to its maximum potential!)....and you've got yourself an almost perfect day!

Also, The Dark Knight, totally lived up to its hype. Go see it!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I will be in town for your last week in Texas...if you will be in Nac then. I have no idea what your schedule will be like, but maybe we can get together.

-Amy (K.)