July 18, 2008

Special K

Well, it seems we need to move soon or I'm going to go officially crazy. It is only fair after making fun of poor Brett and his five year old receipts, to say that yesterday I spent ALL DAY going through my clothes ( Brett's clothes and shoes too me about an hour and a half out of all that...) and shoes....yup. That's right. All. Day. I'm a total clothes horse. ( I just accidently wrote house, which might actually be more accurate..), and I think the thing which should really make the audience gasp in horror is that in the past year I've bought maybe three pairs of shoes ( its becoming harder and harder to find tiny shoes for these tiny feet of mine)...which MEANS that the dozens and dozens ( and dozens) of shoes that I have, yeah, totally had those a while....I blame all the high heels on my years as a 'real person' and I blame all those flats on being a barrista...so there you go, the price one pays to change 'careers'...
Anyway, today I must start the dreaded task of packing up my kitchen. Which is why I just ate cereal out of Brett's cereal bowl, why dirty up TWO bowls when I've got to immediately wash and pack them all?! Yup, I'm all about efficiency. Or laziness.
But, I will mention that yesterday two really cool things happened:

1. Amy and I got our swimsuits in the mail ( woo!) and therefore we were able to go swimming...you know LAP swimming....It was soOOoooo fabulous to be back in the water, why did I give up swimming in the first place?! I have no idea. I think it was because I always had to do it at ungodly hours in the morning...but now that the army has taught me to embrace 4:30 in the morning like it was my own ( sort of)....maybe I'll get back into it. Afterall, I also went for a run yesterday and today I'm not even that sore! I must be a triathlete in the making ( too bad I can't ride a bike).

2. Last night we had Thursday night Bible Study at Main Post Chapel instead of North Fort Chapel ( where we've had it for the past four months or so...maybe longer I can't remember)...anyway, Wes Wood brought up how cool it was that we had to be back at main post chapel for just one week and it just so happened to be Brett and my last week at bible study! We got to end where we started! And it really DID give a clearer picture of just how MUCH God has done in my year here in washington! We started our bible study with a handful of people and now we were literally splitting the room at its seams. Praise God! He has definitely been faithful to us!

Ok, so I suppose I've put off my work long enough...I'll leave you with this link which totally made me laugh this morning:

One of the many reasons why I made a really great English Major.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the link you added at the bottom of your blog- you know, the GREAT comic. Priceless!!!

Yo Mama

Anonymous said...

Hi!! I am praying that you can find a place to live in Kansas. and I am praying that God will be with both of you over the course of this next year. I love you Abigail!