July 09, 2008

uh-oh ( again)

So, yesterday was my last day of work...and I had a WHOLE blog post planned out to commemorate the event...but nooOoooo..around 3pm I started to realize that headache I've had for four days off and on....well, it decided that it didn't want to be ignored anymore-which is how I ended up in bed with an eye-mask on, only to move to throw up or adjust said eye mask. It is now a good 23 hours later and while I still have a pretty awful headache I was tired of lying down thinking thoughts.

Sometimes thinking thoughts can be exhausting. Especially when you're thinking thoughts to distract you from throwing up.

Anyway, I am frustrated because today was going to be me taking care of Danielle after her eye surgery. Today was going to be me starting the awful task of packing ( which I've apparently put off to a dangerous point) and today was going to be about me making my friend Amy feel better after the "Welcome to the Army: This is your life" that she got after coming back from her honeymoon...but nooOOoooo. Instead its just me in my bed. I don't like being sick, not even a little bit, and while there is never a good time....this is DEFINIELY not a good time! I have the next two weeks planned down to the hour!!!

I do want to go ahead and say that my time at Lacoste Coffee will not go on documented in blog post...it's coming, as SOON as I can sit up for longer than five minutes without my head spinning like a top.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe when you move to a warmer drier climate you won't get as many sicknesses.