August 12, 2008

Goodbye Washington, hello road.

Well, we did it! It took three days but we officially no longer have a home in Washington ( unless you count in the hearts of our friends...but that's cheesy isnt it? hehehe).

Its been a bit difficult at times, just because moving is always stressful and so is cleaning...and add in the horrible task of having to say goodbye to your friends and you're dealing with some serious emotion. But, I think we've done rather well. The hardest thing for me is watching Brett have to say goodbye to people. I know how much he is loved. I know how much he loves his friends. And I know how hard all of this must be...
I just keep reminding myself that we'll be back. I'll be back for a little more living ( even though I find it a bit overwhelming that in just the three weeks that we were in Texas things have already "moved on" without me...and I know this means that coming back in Jan. or Dec. will be more difficult than I think it will....) and Brett and I will keep up with many of these Beloved for many years to come....

For God has truly blessed us during our time in Washington. And tonight I must thank Him specifically for the beautiful friendships that taught us so much, gave us so much joy and took us down a incredible journey full of big ol' lessons of life.

The good thing is that the Journey isnt over, we're just changing scenes.

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