August 16, 2008

Kansas: not ugly

Sooo, I dont know if you've ever been to Manhattan, Kansas ( because I havent yet), but from the road its really really pretty. As in, even a person who's going to have to go live there without her friends or her husband can pretty much not deny its beauty.
So that's something to be said for a place I will be living in tomorrow. This is a tiny bit of a let down since complaining is my second language. And I was really coming up with some good field of wheat jokes that were reeeeally good. But turns out Manhattan ( the little apple, mind you) is amidst rolling green hills. Shocking news.

Anyway, we are currently at Brett's cousins house in Kansas City. Donnave left this morning. She and Josh are officially my heros. They not only helped us move out of our apartment, they helped us clean, they helped us pack into two cars and then we drove over SIX STATES to finally reach Kansas. Anyway, they have supassed normal family duty many many days ago and are offically at sainthood.

Tomorrow Brett and I face reality in the form of Fort Riley and Manhattan respectively. Let you know how that goes...

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