August 20, 2008

an inconvenient truth

I consider myself a nice person. You know, someone who's willing to like people. Someone who doesn't make judgments without getting to know a person pretty well first. But, it turns out that moving to Kansas has unveiled a terrible truth:

I hate university students.

That's right. It seems that the day I moved into town, about twenty thousand 18-21 year olds also moved into town in their annoying K-State shirts and their Hollister clothes, their emo hair and their carefree attitudes.
Its the last part that really gets me.
I mean, I'm out trying to buy an extra pillow so that my husband can have a pillow in my bed ( the one he belongs in) and ALSO the bed at the barracks ( the bad bed)...and there they all are. With their mommies and roommates. Buying cute matching bean bag chairs for their brand spanking new dorm rooms. They block the aisles as they stop to talk to old friends that they haven't seen in, like two months talking about the latest gossip.... "who did WHAAAAAAT?!? OMG!!!"


Truth be told. I'm jealous. I'm jealous of these people with their very simple lives. Possibly the worst thing they have to deal with is a mean professor, an annoying roommate, and how to pay for college ( a minor thing in the big picture)....So, yeah, I'm jealous.
I'm a bad person.

But, so are those shorts. I can't believe you have "wildkat" written across your butt. ( wildcat is misspelled by the way).

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