August 29, 2008

miss me?!

Weirdness: I had a nice little migraine action yesterday. It had started the night before-but i just thought it was because I had knitted too long. But, then yesterday I woke up and there it was...right behind my right eye.
I was like, "no problem! I have no life! I'll just lay here in bed until it goes away..."
So there went yesterday.

The weird part was that no one would have known if I wasn't telling you right now. It is so odd to find yourself in a life where you can quite literally not leave your bed and no one would even know.

What I did do yesterday was watch the movie Lars and the Real Girl. I do not know why people did not talk about this movie more! It was fabulous. Heartwarming. Made me laugh, made me cry. I highly recommend it!

I also had one of my longest talks with my housemate that I've had to date. It was good to get to know her a little better, and I think now that Brett's pretty much out of the picture ( boooo!) I'm thinking I'll probably see more of her. Hopefully anyway. otherwise I could seriously slip in the shower and they'd find me months later ;-) ( gross exaggeration)

But, yes, it looks like Brett's schedule has officially started to be just as busy as we were told it would be. I wont see him again until tomorrow.

*small rant* I am currently sitting in Panera Bread ( its close to my house and I dig their strawberry smoothies)...and the group of overly blonde, overly made up women sitting near me are SO incredibly loud! I had my earbuds pumped up to top volume and I can STILL hear them. Annoying. You do not rule the world.

I'm becoming more and more cranky. Have you noticed ;-) hehehe

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