August 08, 2008

Take a deep breath...

Well, everyone, hold on to your hats-things are about to get, um, exciting.

Today is our last full day in Texas. I can't believe our time here went by so incredibly fast! Its been a mixture of relaxing, catching up, and just a smidge of stressful to remind you you're still alive ( hahaha) and then sprinkled with anxiety dreams about the next, ooooh, year and a half of our lives just to make it extra interesting.... all in all I'd say it was a successful trip.

Anyway, God has been gracious to give us such good quality times with our famlies, as well as some good times with Him ( not as many as I would have liked...I am so bad at sticking with my quiet times on vacation! its terrible)..and I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt ( though I don't know HOW exactly!) that we're going to some how get through the next week... a week of travel, of moving, of cleaning, and after months of wondering ( not too many months, mind you, since the Army likes to spring things on you at the last minute) and then I'll finally be living out the experience of Kansas....

A few nights ago Brett stayed up late to play video games with his brother and brother-in-law and I was all set to go to bed without him....but then I couldn't sleep....and then I got very upset. I thought about how I was going to REALLY need to learn how to go to sleep without him not just for one night, or two or even two weeks ( which I've done before)...but I was going to have to learn how to do it for 12 months. It seemed incredibly overwhelming. And the fact that I pretty much have to start this "going to sleep without Brett" thing in the next two weeks. Hard. Buuut, like all good 1 am cries...things seemed a lot more possible in the morning, and I am looking forward to The Year of the Blog ( 2008-2009) , since I'm pretty sure that I'll be blogging a lot for two reasons:
1. No husband to talk to equals a lot more rants needing to be expressed.
2. No husband to talk to equals a need to write things down so that I remember to tell him the important stuff later.

So there you go, all of you are going to benefit from my crazy, crazy life ( and by "benefit" I mean you'll have more reading material.

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Emily said...

Husbands leaving= sucks.