August 03, 2008

Watch( men)

So, currently Brett's reading the last chapter in the Watchmen graphic novel. And I'm blowing my nose. That's right, apparently my body decided that all the various sicknesses of the past two weeks were not enough. great.

Anyway, we've got six more days in Texas. Six more days of "vacation" and six more days for me to "pretend" to not think about what we're about to face. Actually, its not as hard as one might think-especially since I know very very little about what is in front of us....

Today, I had to repent about my attitude regarding returning to Washington during this next year. I caught myself thinking that since I'll be gone for several months people will have forgotten me, new people will have shown up-people that don't know me, I will have been replaced in all things that I was "needed" why go back? ( that was the question I came to.)
And then I remembered my real reason for wanting to go back to Washington. After praying about it, both Brett and I felt like I have more I can learn from the Strouds, really from all the Navigators at Fort Lewis. And honestly, when you don't have anything else to go on-realizing that there is always more to learn about serving Christ, living for Him....and how really unique it is to have FOUND a place where you feel like you can learn those things...well that's something to hold on to if you can! So, I must keep my mind focused on that and not on selfish and fearful things that will inevitably get thrown my way during a particularly lonely moment.

In other news, this weekend I went to a baby shower. Babies every where lately. Its insane how many of my friends here in Nac are either preggers or just had a baby, and then I went to a baby shower in Houston for one of Brett's cousins and found myself talking about "pumping schedules" with a complete stranger. That's right, she just turned towards me and just STARTS IN....seriously?! Are you kidding???? I didn't even know her NAME and she's telling me the details of the birth of her twin girls and details about her body parts that I do. not. need. to. know. I felt like I was in a sitcom or something.
Babies are incredibly cute though, and it is SO easy to get sucked into the whole wanting one of your own thing. I mean, come on, baby clothes? I'm all in. But, I'm currently working up a whole little rant about motherhood that I will share with you soon.

Which, I suppose we can then all stop and enjoy the irony about how the year before I began a relationship with Brett I spent most of my time blogging long exposes on singleness....and now here I am up on my high-horse once more over married women without children ( they have rights too!) ......of course, thanks to the army's schedule, I will not be having the babies myself anytime soon...So, I'll probably be up on this soap box for some time. Aren't you all looking forward to THAT?!


Merissa said...

Hey Abby, started reading your blog again recently. Will be praying for you guys during this next step/move in life. :)

Anonymous said...

yeah ... well ... I really dont have anything to say to any of this (in public, haha). But we do need to catch up via phone asap cuz I miss you.
Oh I do have one thing to say: you are incredibly missed and that's not going to change. Get your tail end back here pronto.