August 19, 2008

To the Ends of the Earth

My itunes is on shuffle and it came to this Hillsong song from back in the day..."To the Ends of the Earth"

"Love unfailing, overtaking my heart.
You take me in, finding peace again. Fear is lost in all You are.
I would give the world to tell Your story because I know that You've called me,
I've lost myself for good within your promise and I wont hide it.
Jesus I believe in you, and I would go to the ends of the earth for you."

Now, I remember singing this back in Dunedin. And I remember thinking,
"Wow, I guess I have gone to the ends of the earth...and yet this (living in New Zealand) is more of a blessing for me than a sacrifice for Him."

So from then on my prayer has always been, in some degree, that I would be willing to go where ever he would have me to go... Now, obviously I'm pretty much a weakingly and God only takes me to really cool places like Texas, Washington and Kansas ( hehe). But, I know that its all a part of His plan. His plan to make me into someone who is stronger and willing to go further, go higher, go deeper.

Last night I was working on a Bible Study from the STS group back in Washington ( they're way ahead of me now...but I'm going back and doing the ones they finished weeks ago) and I was looking at the responses to the Call of God that some of the men of the Bible pulled out...
Moses: "I'm a nobody!" " No one will believe me!" "I'm not a good public speaker!"
Jeremiah: "I'm but a youth!"
Isaiah: "I'm a big fat sinner!"

What was God's response to all these men? I mean, sure it varied a little bit, but mostly it was, "Look, I made you, I've called you to this-I will go with, I will help you to do it, I have already covered up all your sins and weaknesses with my Grace so let's get going!" ( The Abigail Version)

Anyway, that was really encouraging to me. Today, as I sit in the middle of my second day in Kansas I feel a bit overwhelmed with the lack of guidance ( or at least that's how I feel) . I mean, what am I suppose to do here?! In the past few months some of the big lessons that I've been taught have been about the danger of idleness, and the danger of not serving others ( becoming very self-involved). And here I am facing some of the most solitary days of my life so far.....I guess the good thing is I know what I'm fighting against, right? And at least I know who's got my back...the same big God who refuses to take any excuse we might think to throw at Him.
Nice to Know.

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