August 18, 2008

All very official

Well, I've officially moved into my basement. Brett's officially at Fort Riley. And we've officially begun what I call "The Year" of course, my name for it is already flawed since it'll actually be longer than a year once its all said and done....but 12 months seems a lot easier to swallow than 16 or 18 and I never was good at math...

Anyway, whatever you want to call it, it basically means Brett and I need two tubes of toothpaste. That's right. I totally didn't realize until last night that we were in desperate need of another tube of toothpaste since from now on, Brett and I will be living in different places. BOO! Its funny the things that bother you, for me it was the toothpaste issue. go figure.

So, to positive things: I know you're all dying to know what my living situation is like so here goes: I'm living in an incredibly large basement provided by a very nice and accommodating army wife who's hubby is in Iraq. The basement is almost as big as our whole apartment in Washington! WHOA! ( way to go, midwest and your large expanses of land...) and everything was very clean and tidy when I arrived ( awesome!). And once again, irony abounds that now that I'm down to two suitcases and several bins of belongings I have waaay tons of storage space. *sigh*
The 'front room' ( where my ( leather!) futon, TV ( with cable!), and table and chairs are has a large window and door opening into the back yard and the bedroom also has a large whoever said basements were scary and dark ( pretty much every childrens book I've ever read) were totally mistaken.

The major problem is that there is NO internet access. That's right. Abigail is already in withdrawals. Its horrible.
But, this morning I ventured out and found a lovely coffee house ( that was quite hard to find, by the by) that not only roasts their own beans and makes a soy latte up to the Abigail Standards, but they also have wi-fi. I have a feeling they don't quite realize just how often they're going to see me here!

So, that's where I'm sitting right now. Looking at my to-do list for the day, most of the things on my list involve things i need to look up on the internet ( google maps are my best friend). So I'm off, but before I go....feel free to email me if you want my new address! :-)

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Merissa said...

Abigail, God is so good. He even provided the coffee!!! mmmm you're set. lol.
Praying you'll settle in quickly and that you and Brett both will be strengthened by His grace!