September 22, 2008

Another Month.

So, the last month in Kansas has really flown by, in fact, so quickly that I didn't even realize we'd been here for over a month until now. Wow.
I think the big thing about the past month has been just how much time I've gotten to spend with Brett! He actually comes home almost every night around FIVE! I didn't even know that was POSSIBLE in the army!!! Of course, this week he won't be coming home at all on Tuesday or Thursday and he still works six days a week every week...but considering when I decided to come to Kansas I thought I would only see Brett on Sundays, I am incredibly grateful for how well things have turned out thus far!
If anything this is all a testimony to how the Lord has been faithful to lead Brett and my life...even though we couldn't see it at the time we felt certain that there was a reason for me to come to the time I figured it was going to be some sort of "learning through torture" experience, but for it to turn out to really be about quality time with my hubby before he heads off to Afghanistan is an EXTRA unlooked for blessing! It has encouraged me greatly about the coming year and how God will continue to be faithful in His guidance.
While I realize that things might not always be such a nice surprise, I do know for a fact that all will work out for His glory.

So, this weekend Brett and I went and saw the comedy Ghost Town. It was totally hilarious. I totally recommend it to those of you into dry humor.

On our way out of the theatre Brett saw a guy who is also on another MiT team here at Riley driving out of the theatre at the same time, E was actually at Fort Benning at the same time as Brett several years ago and they have a lot of the same friends...anyway, as we drove past him and his wife on the road I yelled an impromptu invite to have dinner with us ( because that's just what I do). So Brett and I ended up having dinner with E and his wife J. It turns out that J is from Korea and Fort Riley is her first "taste" of middle America. Poor thing she was definitely shell shocked and seemed like she had not had a very good experience thus far. So, I was so happy to be able to tell her how to get to the library in Manhattan ( poor thing, she'd been going to that postage stamp-sized one on Post, remember? the one where I had the melt down and got locked in the trunk of my car!?! yeah.) And I invited her to PWOC with me tomorrow. She seemed really happy to have met us and I'm hoping that maybe I'll be able to make her time her in Kansas a little better. MiT team wives support group here I come!

*ahem* It serves me right for saying all those complimentary things about the Army, because I just got a text from Brett saying he won't be home until 8 or 9. BOO! Poor guy, he was SO looking forward to the season premiere of Heroes tonight too!! I wish I had a way to tape it or something :-(

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