September 04, 2008


So today was my first day of Meals on Wheels. It took me about an hour to deliver all twelve of the meals on my route. I only turned around twice ( hehe!) and never got seriously lost....and it was fun! I absolutely loved saying hi to the people on my route. Talking about the weather mostly....but all it all, it was really a good experience, and I hope tomorrow is just as good! In general people are always happy to see food coming so you're pretty much in their good graces from the beginning!
So far, my favorite thing about the experience was the little tiny man who helped me load and unload the two coolers into the back of my car. I was by far bigger and stronger than he was but he insisted on helping me! A true gentlemen for sure! And he totally made my whole day :-)

Yesterday, I had a minor mishap with my attitude. Brett called me while I was out running my one errand for the day ( I know! this is my life!) to say that he got off early and will be home as soon as he cleans up. Imagine my excitement! It was like a half day from heaven! But then the clouds rolled in, when thirty minutes later he called to say that he'd decided to stick around and do some homework with some of the guys....long story short he arrived at 5:30. Now, here's the deal: I already know this about we're basically just re-telling the same story, but basically, I'm not good when I get my hopes up and then they're dashed. So far, here in Kansas, I've had incredibly loooow expectations so that I'm always very happy to see Brett when I do. But, I really need to learn how to be happy AND flexible all at the same time. Because, these things are going to happen. Brett is going to change plans on me ...and the Army most definitely I must learn to adjust. And I must adjust with a GOOD attitude. Its hard.

Oh, and it didnt help that all I'd had to eat all day was a bowl of cereal and a bagel. Low blood sugar never helped anything. Ever.

In other news, we went to the Navigator Bible study on post last night. It's very small-but it was good to get some fellowship. Speaking of which, I'm going to *duh-duh-duh* WOW ( wives of warriors...hahaha! that's right! you heard me!) tomorrow night. This, of course, scares me to no end. Large groups of women when I know no one is pretty much the scarest thing ever. But, I'm all about growth these days. And besides its suppose to be a "spa night" so one can't pass that up.


donnave said...

poor abbey, does brett not know better? if he would just call on his way home...much better!

Carina said...

I am really looking forward to the WoW post. Sounds juicy.

Also, totally can relate to your frustration with changing of the Im going to see you/Im not going to see you plans. Not unreasonable!

Alisha & Mark said...

Oh girl...I feel your pain on the change of plans! I don't handle the Army changing its mind ALL THE TIME...and my poor husband gets the full brunt of my frustrations! Hope you are having a better day! :)