September 05, 2008

Must be the weather...

I woke up at 4am this morning and could NOT go back to sleep. Awful. Absolutely awful. Especially since I count on sleep taking up a good portion of my mornings, leaving me only half a day to fill up with "activities". Boo.

Anyway, I have sad news for my readers who were waiting with baited breath for my report on the WoW girls (I still laugh at that name! hahaha!)....I asked Brett last night what his schedule for today was and it looks like he's going to be off around 5. This is good news for me because it means I get to spend the evening with him, which I did not get to do last night...( more on that later*) but bad news for juicy details on my "lady function". Of course, its always possible that Brett will work late and I'll end up going....but the prognosis does not look good.
Sometimes, I get distracted by my boring days and my desire to make friends...but then I'm reminded of my REAL reason for being here in Kansas. Spending time with Brett. Period.

However, last night* Brett got home and he was a total zombie. This was not really a surprise to me, since I've been calculating how much sleep he's been getting ( this is something I do every morning with both Brett and I's night sleep..I'm pretty much obsessed with how much sleep everyone gets:
example: Monday: Brett got 4 hours of sleep, I got 12, Tuesday Brett got 5 hours and I got 11...and so on..

anyway, I've been waiting for his obvious sleep deprivation to kick in and it did last night. Of course, this did not stop me from being a bit sad that me seeing my husband pretty much meant me watching him snooze. So, I went up stairs and talked with my housemate and we ended up going to the gym together and then talking for about three hours. This was an incredible answer to prayer for me since I've been really hoping that I would have the opportunity to get to know her better. Anyway, we talked about all sorts of army, marriage, faith related things...needless to say I'm totally excited about this development!

In other news I delivered meals on wheels in the rain today which turned out to be not as bad as one would expect. Even though I prepared for it all by going and getting a latte to give me some energy ( only got four hours sleep, remember.. That's like a Brett's night sleep here!) and I opened up the sugar packet on one end, opened the lid on my latte and then proceeded to forget about that first 'opening of the sugar' incident, flipped the packet over, opening it on the other, pouring the whole thing onto my lap. Yup. And this is why I need lots of sleep!! Seriously! Not good! *sigh* But, I recovered from the sugar spillage and drove around in the rain delivering meals to cute people. Seriously. Cute.
In fact, the first guy was so adorable that I got back in my car and declared out loud, "SO GREAT!" and then proceeded to shed a tear. Made me miss my PawPaw and going to the Senior Center with him!

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