September 09, 2008

I don't visit blogs anymore...

So, today I realized that since the advent of, I very very rarely actually "visit" my friends blogs anymore. In fact, unless it doesnt load properly on bloglines..or unless they say something like, "like my new layout?" I dont venture out beyond the handy-dandy little list of blogs that I already read.
But, then I realized that this means some of my best stalking is being missed out on-that's right! This means I'm not checking out all my friends links...therefore, unless they mention it on their blog ( which they totally SHOULD!) I never know when other people I know start blogging! HORRIBLE!

I feel like I've been missing out on a party because my invite got lost in the mail!

Annnnnyway, on more relevant matters-today I went to my first PWOC bible study, had a long chat with the only person I knew there ( we'd met at the Navigator get-together on Saturday night...) and all in all I left feeling happy. ( this was helped by actual interaction with another human other than Brett, the fabulous food they had at this all-women's bible study, by the prospect of good bible study to come, and by the fabo fall weather we were having today.)
And just in case you didn't notice, I pretty much missed getting out of the house and DOING things.

In other news, I have come up with this silver lining about living in Kansas:
Silver Lining: Getting to spend time with Brett without the distractions ( good or bad) of other commitments to family/friends/work/bible studies/housework that we often had in Washington. I have been so very ( very, very) grateful that Brett's had so much free time since arriving here. Today he got off of work at 4pm....I hadn't even gone for my run yet!!!! This basically means I hadn't even run out of things to do before he got home! A miracle!

Ok, its review time! Tomorrow I'll be headed to the library, which I'm waaay excited about-I've got three books on my list and I'm excited about all three...the problem is going to be picking which one to read first.
Here are some clues:

1. This book is a much talked about teen book which is featured in more facebook flair than any other.

2. This book is about a certain "bowl" in our nations history. Its not a cereal bowl.

3. This book I can't think of any clues for except that its possible a text book in disguise.

Stay tuned for the answers...but feel free to leave your guesses in the comment box!

But, back to the topic at hand...since I have no book reviews at yet-its movie review time!
YAY! So for your reading ( and viewing) pleasure: two good reviews, two bad....

The Great Debaters: I totally dug this movie, I mean, suuuure Oprah told the whole country to watch this movie months ago-but I'm sorry, I had things to do up until now. And I gotta admit, ol' Oprah she was right about this one...The Great Debaters is a total must-see! I was simultaneously struck by the "little dog overcomes all odds to beat big dog" story and the realistic depiction of racial hatred in the South. I came away feeling more educated, and also wishing that American's still spoke with that much eloquence-black or white, we've ALL gone down hill I'm afraid.

Bella: I'm usually not down with political-statement movies...but if you'd like to see a Pro-life movie, by all means see this movie! Actually, if you'd just like to see a really touching ( warning: its slow!) movie that looks at the very delicate nature of the human spirit and is incredibly heartwarming that you'll feel like hugging a stranger. Watch this movie. Its really, really good. Oh, and I also craved tortillas after watching it. whatever that's worth.

I'm Not There: Two words: Big disappointment. Ok, now I may just be admitting to my lack of musical appreciation or something, but HONESTLY! This movie was wack! I had NO idea what was going on most of the time...and I'm sure there was some deep artistic message that all the TRUE music-lovers and indy-movie people were totally digging...but I lost interest after I made note of the fact that Cate Blanchet looked freakishly like a man, so much so that I pretty much forgot it was her on screen. She deserved serious props for this roll-she put all the guys to shame. So I say, fast forward.. stopping only to take in the eyecandy of Christian Bale, Heath Ledger ( NOT Richard Gere, EW!) and Cate Blanchet and then hit eject and go watch Hanna Montana-it'll be more entertaining.

Bottle Rocket: Neither Brett or I had seen this movie. Now we know why. I was very much underwhelmed by this highly acclaimed cult classic. I spent most of the movie pondering how young those Wilson brothers looked ( not related to Brett or his brothers)...and that it was strange that they were cast as friends in the movie and yet noticeably had a strong family resemblance. I would have rather watched "What Happens in Vegas" ( which I watched tonight, and totally laughed a lot...this just proves my point about "America going down hill sense the time of The Great Debaters")


Katie Middlebrook said...

We loved Bella!! I haven't suggested it to anyone cause it was kind of sad.. well, ok, with pregger ladden emotions it was very emotional for me, and I can never bring myself to suggest movies that make me cry. The redemption theme was fantastic.

Just Josh said... the book Twilight? Featuring the Lame Bowl? Considered a textbook on how to create irrational and unwarranted interest?

j/k I've not hunted through the flair lately so I couldn't check your first clue. I just immediately think of Twilight when the words 'teen' and 'flair' are mentioned due to Brett's extremely distaste for book.

I did however just finish a bowl of Kroger Bran Flakes. But that flies in the face of your hint, and so it was not helpful. I would find it interesting if the vampires etc, in Twilight did eat Bran Flakes. Perhaps more regularity would help their disposition.

I think i'm done now. This is too long and seems close to blogging. I don't blog.