September 11, 2008


Let me hear your loingkindness in the morning
For I trust in you
Teach e the way in which I should way,
For to you I lift up my soul...
Teach me to do Your will
For you are my God
Let Your good spirit lead me on level ground~ Ps 143:7,9

I read that in my quiet time this morning and it spoke perfectly to the theme of the day. It seems that all my plans for the future ( "Future" these days is limited to that horrible time I like to call A.B. ( after Brett leaves), has crammed itself nicely into November/December. This is actually not as nice as it sounds because I tend to want to go to ALL the parties life has to offer and then I'm generally shocked and upset when it doesn't work out that way. It looks like it is now highly probable that Brett will not be leaving until the middle of November, and I've been asked/offered to teach six weeks of High School AP English starting after Thanksgiving plus I am planning on going to China ( this plan has been around the longest and I'm most attached to it...) pretty much as soon as Brett leaves...BUT....if you check out a calendar of November you'll notice there are literally not enough days to do all those things together, plus the added bonus that Brett's schedule is still never set in stone and all this worrying could be for naught since it could all go out the window in a second...which leads me to my point. I am SO SO thankful that I have a God who directs my steps! I mean check out the verse that's been at the top of my blog for years ( if you're reading this on Facebook, the verse is Prov should look it up if you don't already know it...its wonderful!)! That is exactly what I'm talking about! How many stomach ulcers would I have if I didn't believe in the Son of God who cares for me?!?

Truth be told, I know God has plans for me. He knows exactly what is important for me to do, what is not. He knows the people He would have me to meet, the people He would have for me to love. He knows all about today, all about tomorrow. Rest in Him.

Ok! While I'm waiting for Life to tell me what's going on, I currently have very little on my plate-this is something which has turned out to be quite enjoyable ( at least most of the time!) especially since Brett is still getting off work around 4:30pm and I get to talk to him all I want all evening! Anyway, I made a little request on my facebook status yesterday and I got several responses I thought I'd throw it out to the blog-readers too...Book recommendations:
As you may know I like pretty much ALL genres of books...I like fiction, I like nonfiction ( especially if it paints a good picture of something I don't know much about.) I like spiritual books, I like fluffy if there is something you think I should read or at least know about...add it to my ever growing list! This is such fun! I already have four new books I need to read just since I put up my plea yesterday afternoon :-)


Sam said...

Hey Abs!

I was reading a book a few months ago that I thought you would probably love (probably) - if you haven't read it already! Which you probably have, so I won't bother mentioning it.

Just kidding. "The Jane Eyre Affair" by Jasper Fforde (and apparently his subsequent books). But I bet you've already read it. :)

Katie Middlebrook said...

I don't have any suggestions at this time, unless you want to know what baby books I've found most helpful. However, interestingly enough, one of the other blogs I read posted this site today as very fun when looking for book recommendations:

Katie said...

hey abigail, i wanted to "follow" your blog but you dont have that as an option. sad day.