September 24, 2008

total recall

So, I have a pretty exciting/verging on migraine headache right now. Which I'm totally fighting off with willpower and three extra strength Tylenol. I'm mostly fighting it off because I had big ol' fat plans today that consisted of me going to the library.
Its important to my mental health for me to go to the library because of yesterdays overdose on television which I'm not allowing to happen today. So, yes, the headache has to go.

I asked my housemate yesterday for any good ideas for places for Brett and I to go for our four day weekend in coming up in October. She told me about this place.
And if there was ever a link that you went to on my blog this is the one to go to. Check out the accomodations section....that's right. THEMED rooms!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!
Brett and I are very much considering staying in the Tahitian Treehouse just because the pictures will be worth it. That's right a Tahitian Treehouse in KANSAS. Tacky tacky.

In other news, Brett was able to come home last night after all. Of course, it was midnight, and i was half asleep. But, if you're an army wife you know just how important it is to just sleep in the same bed as your husband. So no complaining here.
I also can't complain because I talked to several wonderful friends/family on facebook chat last night, which totally kept me from going off the deep end. So that was a major bonus to life. The other majorly good thing about last night is that I listened to the Bethlehem Mission podcast of The Lord's Supper service from several weeks back. It basically consisted of Steve reading scripture and then the congregation singing. Now, sure the singing part wasn't the best quality recording...but it was enough for me. There is NOTHING so wonderful as listening to family sing praises to God. I was already getting my headache at the time ( this was around 11pm last night), but it was wonderful just lying in bed listening to that.

So, yes, I'd have to say this has been a struggle of a week, but I'd also have to say that I've been helped through it. So, three more days ( until Sunday...which is the best day of the week so it doesnt count), I think I can make it.

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Anonymous said...

I hope that you get to feeling better soon!!

Love you.