September 26, 2008

Shedding a little light

I'm watching the presidential debate right now. I don't like to talk about politics. I think its unladylike. ;-)
Actually, I'm incredibly incredulous towards government. The government has let me down a couple of times, but that won't stop me from voting. No siree. I'm gonna vote because I think I'd be letting down all those non-diplomatic country's citizens down if I didn't.

I do think I know who I'm voting for now though. It definitely helps to see the two dudes up there talking side-by-side. I like this much better than those lame-o advertisements they have on TV.

Whew. Ok, let's talk about something more important( sic). Today I went and watched the movie The Women at the theatre by myself. I went by myself because Brett is working tonight and tomorrow and sometimes you have to do fun things by yourself to make the time go by more pleasantly, besides I've quite literally spent 80 percent of my week in bed so I needed to celebrate the end of my headache ( hopefully). Annnnyway, I really liked this movie. I think it portrayed women and their relationships with each other, with work, with the opposite sex, with themselves -in a very interesting and sometimes rather accurate way. I laughed, I was touched and I would like to have Meg Ryan's hair.
Seriously, her curly hair was gorgeous. I'm thinking about getting a perm. For serious.

In other news, I talked to Carmi on the phone this afternoon and I mentioned to her that I needed to start mentioning the little ways that God is helping me get through "the hard days" more often on my blog. So, here goes...the past few days I've been fighting a pretty nasty headache. Its gone up and down in strength, but it pretty well tainted everything I did from Tuesday until today, and its been hard! But, even through this difficult week of Brett working late and me being Crazy Headache Girl, I felt God's help... on Wednesday Brett got home from work and we were going to go to the Navigator Bible study. I was totally torn because on one hand I wanted to be with Brett and I wanted to support Brett ( he was going to be sharing a lesson), but my head also felt like it was going to explode and the thought of spending two hours with a bunch of guys ( there are no girls at the bible study yet, unfortunately) was hard to stomach. Annnyway, I was really discouraged and tired and I felt miserable. But, Brett made the decision that I should stay home...So there I was, laying in the dark ( my favorite thing to do when I have a headache like that. ), and I ended up listening to a really great sermon by my Papa that really encouraged me and THEN I got a phone call from Leah in Washington. And I was able to talk and pray with her! I was struck by the fact that if I had not stayed home I would not have gotten to talk with Leah, something I'd wanted to do all week! So, there on a day when I was feeling pretty crummy as a wife, as a person, just crummy period. I was encouraged by a little reminder that we have a God who cares about the details, details like when a friend is going to call. He is able to bring light into even the darkest of rooms....
of course, not literally that would have made my head hurt worse...

No, the light He brought me was so much better, the beauty and Truth of His Word, the support of a sister, the encouragement of prayer, that light will not go out.

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