October 03, 2008

clarification for my readers:

Ah readers! Why do you put up with me at all?!

I'm sorry to just drop information on you all so casually and expect you to take it with a grain of salt...so here are some more details for you...

I was asked to be a substitute teacher for the Pre-AP/AP English teacher at the high school where my mother works. At first, it seemed like a dream come true-since it fit perfectly into the time I would probably be in Nacogdoches anyway for the holidays.

I started to get stressed out when I realized that my trip to China AND the substituting gig would not BOTH fit into the time allotted. So, after some praying I decided to give up the substituting job, since I'd already made plans to go to China, and family always comes first.

Then I was told that the teachers and administrators who'd wanted me to substitute teach, didnt care if I wasn't there for the whole six weeks...they wanted me anyway ( this shows how desperate they must be!!). And then I got an email directly from the teacher thanking me for taking on the gig and giving me some insight into her classes...so all of a sudden both my China trip and my teaching gig were back on.

And just to keep going with details...it turned out that Aunty D. and I could no longer go to China at the same time. So I emailed my cousin directly last night to see if that still wanted me to come at all and when would be best for them. So far, all I've gotten was "before January". So, I suppose from that response I could go any time...in the next two months after Brett leaves, so now its all about trying to figure out when the best time would actually BE.


So, there you have it, Friends! Hopefully that helps you be in the total-Abigail-loop. As you can see-my life is now about "doing it all". If it doesn't kill me-it'll make me stronger ( as in, I'll have lots of fun.)

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donnave said...

I'm all about doing it all!! Go for it, Abigail!!