October 20, 2008

old news

well today, was interesting... Started well with a coffee catch up with a friend followed by a call back for an interview for the job I applied for last week- I'll be going for a test and an interview on Wednesday, so we will see how that goes.
As the day continued I spent a goodly amount of time waiting in the army hospital vortex waiting to see an overly talkative yet unhelpful doctor who in the end did give me medicine to combat my migraines but did not give me any helpful advice on how to prevent them ( I guess he'd be out of a job then, heaven forbid). And as an added bonus he told me that my blood work that I had done in June said I had high cholestrol. Awesome. I already eat pretty healthy and exercise!!! What more can I do?!? Luckily my trusty ( overweight) doctor didn't seem that worried... " it's probably hereditary"
So I guess my parents have been holding out on me! But even if my doctor is unconcerned I'm considering going on a crazy go nuts diet after Brett leaves.... What else do I have to do?!

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Anonymous said...

Eat Cheerios and Quaker Oat meal. at least for a little while. They noth lower Cholesterol.