October 07, 2008


Right now Brett and I are pretending to watching the Presidential debate. I feel ok about the fact that I've spent the past hour ( an hour I should have been watching politics in action) reading my old blog posts. Laughing. I use to be really funny. Or maybe its just that I blogged more. I need to blog more.
Evil Neighbor? COMIC GOLD.

Anyway, while I was reading about myself ( *cough* self-centered*cough*), Brett was reading a book written by one of our friends from high school ( yeah, he got it published. rock on.).

So yes, we aren't watching the debate like we should. But I already know who I'm gonna vote for. So there.

Oh, and today I found out that someone in London, England pretended to be me on October 3rd. That's right! And not only that, they bought over $500 in Train Passes with my debit card.

Luckily my bank is taking care of it for me, but I wonder which one of the presidential candidates is going to take care of bank fraud for me?! Its a problem.

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