October 08, 2008


Today, I realized this might be my last week of doing Meals on Wheels. This actually made me realy really sad. This proves how quickly I get into a grove and how much I hate change.

Then again, I'm leaving Kansas for all sorts of interesting adventures...
Yet you tell me how anything possibly compete with today?!

Today I chatted with Florence. Last week we talked about her roses and how they were still blooming in October, this week we talked about her cat and the next door neighbor's dogs, Buddy and Boss and their ball ( I swear I did not make up this alliteration!) . I know it sounds inconsequential but the whole interaction made me think of my Memaw back when I was in elementary school and how she'd come pick me up from school and she and I would talk about the same sort of things. It was one of those happy/sad moments.

And on the note of grandparents...today is my PawPaw's birthday! I sent him a chocolate cake that I saw on Rachel Ray ( which is incidentally his favorite show...so hopefully I'll get extra points for that) I almost ordered one for myself too, but I had great restraint.

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