October 26, 2008

ten fingers!!!

Awww, this is going to be grand! For the first time in ten days, I'm blogging on a full fledged computer key board! And while the iphone was able to keep you all apprise while I was away, and for that I am very grateful...nothing replaces typing with all your fingers as opposed to ONE.

Now, I'm back to rapid fire writing. And I'm back in Kansas. Kansas is sunny and its beautiful ( because Fall is the best time of year anywhere!!!), and I'm going to just go ahead and be grateful that I'll most likely be spending the better part of the next two months in Texas, since, while Washington turned on the pretty weather while I was there...I was not fooled. It was cold and it got dark at ungodly hours...and I will definitely be happy to only have to experience six months of winter and rain instead of eight. hehehe.

And speaking of cold...I've made a decision about Brett leaving. I need a hot water bottle. I was thinking a long the lines of how I'd lived in a cold places before without a husband to put my icey feet on ( seriously, he's a saint)...and so SURELY I could do it again, right?! So, I thought back to those days of singledom and snow...and I remembered just WHAT had kept my toes roasty...HOT WATER BOTTLES!!! Of course, I then had to think about all the times I had huddled up with my "hottie" and a cup of tea ( and the layers of fat I put on as well...gee, I hope I don't do that again!) and how I'd gotten through quite a lot of cold that way! So, it went on my list of things I needed to try and find ( while you can find a hot water bottle just about anywhere-with cute covers to boot-in New Zealand, they are near impossible to find here in the states where people just turn their heaters up ( recession anyone?!)...
AND THEN...just to make me even MORE in need of a hot water bottle, I was reading "Eat, Pray, Love" on the plane yesterday and the author mentioned that when she went to live on her own for the very first time, her sister gave her a hot water bottle as a house warming gift!! THERE! Its settled! A hottie is the answer to all my current woes about my husband leaving.

Of course, we all know that's not true...but that is how my mind works. After the inevitable tears-I swing back into denial-tearless mode and I start to 'fix' things. I'm already obsessing over packing everything up here in Kansas, and how the cars are going to get away from Kansas, where I'm going to get a job and live in Washington when I eventually move there, and of course, what sort of weird diet can I go on to lower my cholesterol. Anyway, I realize this might be hard for Brett to be around once he gets back from California. So I'm going to try very very hard not to be all weird and obsess-y about weird things. The goal is to try to somehow enjoy our last few days together, try to not think about what's coming...but at the same time to think about it enough to prepare for it, and to think about it enough to fully enjoy each other and not take anything for granted....is that even POSSIBLE?!?

I'm not entirely sure I'm mentally mature enough for this.

But, who cares...I cannot wait till Brett gets back in town this evening. I cannot WAIT.

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Hmm... I would try a home health store. They all sorts of things like that.