November 25, 2008

fa la la la

So, as many of you know one of my favorite things of all times is Handel's Messiah...and unlike most of the western world, I do not just pull it out during the holiday season. Instead, I listen to it year around ( best at top volume) and I consider it one of the greatest pieces of worship music EVER.
I have it on good authority that the angels in heaven sound a lot like that.

Incidentally, I also found it helpful to play parts of the Messiah at top volume on Sunday mornings after a particularly rough night of dealing with annoyingly loud drunken residents when I was an RA back in the day....believe me its the perfect payback to hungover 18 year-olds.

But, I digress....last year, Brett gave me tickets to the Messiah with the Seattle Symphony for my christmas present and it was glorious! And this year I'm getting to do something a little different....I'm getting to actually sing with the community choir at the college in my hometown! How totally fabulous! Especially since last year it was pretty hard not to sing along with the professionals at the seattle symphony. ;-)

What fun!


Paul James said...

I'm slow -- I was like "What college is in your hometown??" haha

Amy said...

dont you wish you had your copy of the messiah that I just found in your car?? :-)