November 25, 2008

time tested.

I turned 25 on Saturday. Not sure if you notice or not. For the first time ever I did not count down on my blog or remind you day in and day out that my birthday was coming. I would say its because I'm "more mature and grown up..." but we all know this isn't why at all...

Anyway, this monumental occasion brought me to my usual activity of "archive perusing"...the age old activity of "looking back" and taking stock ( via my handy-dandy blog).

so, tonight I looked back a few years and I delighted in the growth in some and cried out in the withering of others. Why do some Seeds seem to fall short of the good soil?! How will I ever know how to keep you away from this, my dear friends? When will I realize that that is not my job to do? When will I stop standing here with my hands out in despair wondering what went wrong? I will never ever give up, though. I really won't. I've prayed too many prayers with you, for you...
But, I'm tired. I'm tired of this happening.
And I've come to tremble at the verse, "few will enter".

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