November 19, 2008

Facts I realized.

I have a friend who writes just like she was a standup comedian. Honestly, that's how she writes. Awesome.
I have a friend who writes normal every day emails that sound just like a children's book. Honestly she writes like that. Fabulous.
I have a friend who writes emails about normal every day events and makes them sound interesting. Wonderful.

I'm not sure how I got so lucky, but now I realize that Brett is lucky too. My darling friends have bestowed their talents of entertainment onto him! Its almost like God KNEW we were going to get married and he gave me the perfect friends in preparation! ( or something like that...)

In other news, I'm getting my haircut tomorrow and its gonna be drastic. As long as it grows out by the time Brett gets back we'll be fine! hehehe


Carina said...

What about me? "I have a friend who doesn't write me emails very often but when she does it's almost entirely about her"

Barely spectacular but worth a mention at least!

Anonymous said...

I would like bretts address if you don't mind.