November 21, 2008

A Whirl of Gaiety

Last night I had desert with the Kinnaird and Fam at my sister's house. Today I went Holiday Shopping ( at Holiday in the Pines-a Nacogdoches "event") with my sweet mother-in-law Mary, followed by a lovely Abt Family dinner where I received my Birthday present from Brett ( which was a subscription to Vanity Fair-which I'm excited about) that my sister had helped him put together....and all in all everything was terribly above and beyond lovely.

So, why exactly do I feel teary?

I think its the whirl of gaiety. It lulls me into complacency. And complacency is that place where sudden moments of intense "homesickness" for ones spouse comes into play. Boy, do I miss Brett more than anything in the world!

But, just because all of my readers are probably gonna get tired of whiny Brett and Abigail stories here's something new ( but not off topic) to share:

So, today two women who I didn't even KNOW, after finding out that my husband was in Afghanistan totally started crying ( not hardcore crying, but enough tears to take notice). Ummm...ok. I don't know how cool I am with that! I mean, I'm not crying! Should you really cry?! Is it a good idea to one-up the wife as far as emotion goes? I mean, SURE I'm not "super emotional" especially out in public where I try to put on my Awesome Army Wife face....but still. I feel like its common knowledge that you shouldn't bring out the tears in a public place when its obvious the wife has brought her Awesome Army Wife face with her....anyway, from this brief encounter with relative strangers I've come up with a....

Little Life Lesson:
So, in the future if you meet someone who's going through something hard, and they put on a Super Awesome Face-then instead of turning on some ( very authentic) sympathy tears-offer the person some chocolate or maybe a cookie ( if you have one handy)...or just say that you're saying a prayer for them ( even better than empty calories!), but do not counteract their Brave Awesome Face with tears. Its a no-no.
The End.


Paul James said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it's filled with family, friends, food and fun!

Paul James said...

Oh, by the way, that alliteration is your birthday present -- hope you liked it!