November 08, 2008


Thank goodness for Friends! I somehow made it to 5pm today because of them....I'm sure none of you really know how important it is to me to talk to you these days.. whether its a text message, phonecall or facebook message....they're getting me through one at a time.
Especially since I still havent gotten the one email/phonecall that I'd REALLY like....

Of course, the other Friends helped too...disc one of season one. Luckily I own all ten seasons. ;-) That's a good forty days of self-medication right there! :-P

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Anonymous said...

And the wonderful thing about Friends is that it just isnt trashy enough to need someone else to watch it with ... you can watch it alone and feel like a goon for laughing your head off at the same scene you've laughed at forty times, and it's all right :-)