November 09, 2008

Totally Fine.

The silence is over!
I felt so much better after talking to Brett on the phone last night. But, I realized that I was actually doing quite a bit better when he called anyway...yes, I have my needy moments but God has been SO good so far in revealing Himself in this situation.

So, Brett's in some country starting with a "K" and ending in "stan" ( too lazy to look it up!) and he'll be there for a couple more days before going to Afghanistan. I think he felt a bit "stuck in the middle" when I talked to him, but God has already blessed him with some fellowship as well as closeness to Himself, and that encourages me greatly! I got online because Carmi emailed me saying Brett was online ( I check my email on my phone pretty much constantly, but I can't tell who's on chat or not) so I immediately jumped online and apparently Brett's currently writing a "mass email" to send out. I also know on good authority that he'll be blogging again soon, so I'll let you know more about that when it happens...BUT, if you'd like to be on his mass email list and you don't think Brett has your email address feel free to contact me ( or Brett if you have his email address) and we'll get on that! I know we both appreciate all the prayers that have been lifted up on his behalf over the past few days...they are definitely being felt!

Today, I went to a church down the road from where I am living, Faith Baptist Church. Brett and I had both noticed it during frequent drives between home and Fort Riley because its one of the few church signs that actually puts up Bible verses! I can't tell you how wonderful I think this is!!! I mean, you have this free "advertising" why WOULDN'T you take advantage of that and put up the actual Word of God?! Something that has actual Power? Anyway, this particular church has two verses up every week and I had been blessed by it so I decided to attend. It was a very tiny church, but everyone was very friendly and the word of God was preached, and I was able to thank them for their great sign! All in all a nice Sunday morning.
I spent the day packing and watching bad reality TV. I don't have too much packing left to do, so hopefully I can spend most of tomorrow cleaning and making the place sparkle for my housemate. Its the LEAST I can do for her since she blessed Brett and I both soooo much for giving us such a lovely place to live the past few months!

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we like mass emails.... hint, hint