November 18, 2008

Life in the fast lane.

Well, its been quite the crazy week...and its only Tuesday! Its amazing how Brett's life-while so far away-still affects my own so very much! After finding out that he was being transferred to one of the other teams going to the northern region of A-stan its been a bit of an "up in the air" kind of feeling for me. On the one hand more than ever I feel that God is putting Brett exactly where He wants him to be, and on the other hand I worry about Brett and how he's feeling about all the changes that have entered his life in the past, oooh, two weeks. He's been on quite the roller coaster! But, of course, he's handled everything so well. I can't tell you how proud I am of him, of his faith, his strength, his humility ( although sometimes I think he's too humble!), his integrity and his desire to serve those around him. I'm bursting with pride that he's my husband!

Ultimately I've had much to be grateful for:
1. I've gotten to talk to Brett twice and enjoy one long informative email that gave me all the details that I craved-mostly just how Brett was feeling....the thing I miss most about not having him around is not having the luxury of grilling him on all that enters his mind :-)

2. My lovely family..both related and not. Texas, while its no longer "home" has many of the aspects of home that I most crave-people with like heart and mind and all those oddly comforting familiar things that a town you've grown up in has to offer.

3. My birthday countdown. Oh yes, friends! This year I've been amiss! How could I forget to start the countdown on November 1st to remind you that my birthday is fast approaching!??! Obviously I thought I had "more important things" going on in my life...but now I'm seeing the error of my ways! I turn 25 on Saturday and I feel like you should all be prepared to acknowledge that fact in prose or verse. Which ever.

4. Friends. I'm now well into the first season. I watch it in the late night hours when normal people are in bed and when I need the comfort of "friends" to put me to sleep so that I don't stay up worrying....lucky for me, my sister owns all ten seasons too...this way I didnt have to bring mine from home ;-)

5. The love of Christ, which I know is helping me. I've already felt like a failure at this whole "army deployed" wife business several times and I haven't even been doing it for very long! Yet, I pray continually for the grace of God that I might do this honorably. Its harder than I thought it would be! But, He's faithful to forgive...and I have a fresh start each day!

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Brett said...

I have no idea how you think you've failed as my wife, because I think you're the most awesome wife in the world!