November 16, 2008

hold the phone ( or mail)

I missed a call from Brett this morning because I turned my phone off while I was in church. Its literally the only time I EVER have my phone off...and of course, that's when he called.

Its these kind of things that make me the most upset.

However, in his message I have learned that Brett will no longer be at the COIN academy...he's not sure where he'll be now, but I think he's relatively happy about the possible change, since he was never that excited about the prospects there anyway....nevertheless, and this is the important part.

PLEASE DISREGARD the address that I posted for Brett a few days ago, it will no longer be valid and I'm just praying that he'll get the package that I've already sent ( or anything that you lovely people sent him)...I'm sure he will eventually get his mail, but for now we all have to hold off on sending him mail.

It's difficult to stay positive with the events of today, but I know that the Lord is guiding Brett's path and He will put him exactly where He wants Brett to be, and that's ultimately the most important thing about today....

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Alisha said...

Oh girl! I totally understand the missed call situation. I got to the point where I even took my phone and put it right next to the shower so I could answer while showering! I felt ridiculous. By the time he got home, I just wanted to throw my phone away! I'll be praying for you! :)