November 15, 2008


I have a love hate relationship with Washington.
I love things like the Indian food, good shopping and other oddities that I couldn't find in Kansas....
I hate the traffic.

Seriously, the traffic on I-5 is enough to drive a women insane.

But, all in all, I am happy with the decision to move back here in a few months, of course, today when Papa and I put Kansas stuff in with the rest of Brett and my belongings in storage I was struck by how TOTALLY awful its going to be moving without Brett! I mean, honestly....boys are SO useful to have around! I'm going to have to search around for those verses in the bible about taking care of the widows and show it to the navigator guys as an example of why they're going to need to fill in with some serious "boy" duties....things like lifting heavy objects and putting together furniture-not abigail tasks.

Luckily this is almost two months away....we'll revisit this subject at a later date...for now I'm going to bed-I'm heading to Texas tomorrow!

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