November 29, 2008

totally wack yet true.

Ok, so this is a semi-embarrassing story if you're not me. But if you're me its not embarrassing at all ( because its all relative really), so here goes.

In keeping with my english literature background, I found it essential to send my husband a letter lightly scented with my perfume in A-stan ( because I roll with the romantic gestures no matter how cheesy). However, I was immediately faced with non-english literature-real-life-problems....such as, in real life perfume does not actually STICK to paper for 20 some-odd days while it travels across the globe ( or at least this is what I've heard from other army wives). But, I was like, "pppsssssh!" I will not let this stand in my way!
So I sprayed some ( 100% recyclable and yet nice) stationary with my perfume and then put it in a ziplock baggy for a week. I figure, hey, let it sink in! That'll totally work!

So, tonight, I'm all hyped up on caffeine so I figure what better time to "whip out the ol' stationary and see how its doing"....well, to answer that question its doing great. And after writing on one and a half sides of stationary my hands smell quite strongly of...and here comes the really really weird part....

Brett's cologne.

I KNOW. For whatever reason, my perfume combined with recycled paper smells like Brett's cologne. And they aren't even the same brand, or even have remotely the same blend of fragrances....its a MYSTERY!

I just hope he doesnt get my letter and think I've sprayed it with his own cologne, because, yeah...that'd be weird.


Emily said...

that is very interesting... I wonder how in the world that happened.. makes you wonder how they come up with cologne scents in the first place...

Anonymous said...

Thats great! But I have a feeling that brett will be happy to get the letter no matter what is smells like. :)