December 15, 2008

Behind Door Number One...

So, yesterday I was talking to an old boss and he asked me to do a little favor/work for him back at the job I had in 2004-2005....and I accepted, not just because I really like this particular boss, and now consider him a good friend, and doing a favor for him on a not-so-busy day seemed like a good thing, but also because I felt like it was "important"...and it turned out to be just that....I learned a little lesson!

Now, to learn this lesson properly I had to look behind a door that God had closed in my life, the door of a past job....In chatting with my former boss I learned a lot about the time that transpired after I left three years ago ( whoa!) and in my mind throughout the whole conversation- I was thanking God that I left when I did! And then, on the drive home I started to think about all the other jobs that God has given me over the years and then consequentially "taken away"....and I was delighted to see His beautiful provision for me! With each job I saw that while it has served me terribly well while I was there ( I am happy to say I've had good experiences at all my jobs so far), the job seemed to take a significant turn every time I left..... job descriptions changed, money got tight, positions and businesses changed hands...all in all, I am truly amazed that while at the time I only saw that my door was shutting, I had NO IDEA why it was shutting and yet now I can look back and see just how perfect God's plan really was! In fact, more than ever it makes me feel like each of the jobs I've had have been more than just "work" or a "way to pay the bills"...but a perfect little package wrapped up for me at just the time and place that I needed it.
For instance, at this particular job that I revisited today...I was given tons o' free time and therefore had all kinds of time to blog and write emails-thus snaring a certain husband ( in the long run)...awesome.


This little lesson encouraged me greatly, it encouraged me for A and for T, both of whom are dealing with various "job woes" at the moment...that God has a reason and a plan for both of them...and selfishly, it encouraged me for my own future. I am down right excited to see what adventure-job wise- God is going to take me on in the coming year! I look forward to seeing just exactly what He has in mind for me next! All my jobs have been a bit random and have had little to do with my degree ( that money was NOT wasted however! hehehe!), but each one has had important life experiences and beautiful people involved. The question is, what is behind door number FOUR?!


donnave said...

Abigail, you really seem to learn life lessons easily. I believe it is because you are seeking God's will everywhere in your life.
Can barely wait to see you all on Saturday!!

Anonymous said...

For what its worth dont start thinking you learn life lessons easily because then boy howdy God will show you. Been there done that dont want to see you have it happen. It's like saying things like "I'll never have children" and "I'll never move to Alaska" (it is SO HARD not to say that) ... God hears those things and gets a good belly laugh out of it.

-- Amy