December 16, 2008


It happened. I caught a winter cold. I was so hoping this wouldn't happen...and I've been taking vitamins religiously, but somehow I came in contact with some wayward germ on Sunday and woke up with a sore throat yesterday. Blah. Today its gotten so intense, I stop everything I do to swallow and then wince.
I hate it when it hurts to swallow. How many times to do you really need to swallow in day?! Answer: too many.

In other news its cold everywhere today. Each morning I wake up and I check the weather on my phone. My phone has this feature where you add the weather forecast of all the places you want to keep up with, therefore I check the weather here in Texas, followed by where Brett is in A-stan, followed by Washington ( because I get immense satisfaction of knowing that I'm missing out on bad weather...hahaha!), followed by Kansas ( this is only because I just haven't gotten around to taking it off my list).....Anyway, today it is cold in ALL these places, and if I were not bent upon going to the Senior Center with my grandfather for lunch I would totally stay in bed all day long reading my book. But, who can pass up good company and Senior Center action?! Not I.

Besides there are errands to run, and important things to be mailed. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

This is Katie W. and I'm officially leaving my first blog comment! So sorry your sick. :( We had our STS Christmas party last night and had fond memories of the mist of dreams and big hand trophy from last year. It made me think of you and Brett! (Actually I think about you a lot and I'm sorry I haven't been calling!) Miss you!